Family Law

LMC Law Solicitors have a wealth of experience in dealing with Family law matters and can assist, represent and advise clients who may require assistance. We will act as expeditiously as possible, and in utmost confidence, while prioritising the best interest of our client during what can be a stressful time.

District Court

Access/Custody/Guardianship – The Court will consider primarily the welfare of the child/children when making any Order for Access, Custody or Guardianship.

Maintenance – The Court will have primary concern for the needs of the child and the ability to pay when making maintenance Orders. Both parties will be required to make a financial disclosure before any maintenance Order can be made.

Domestic Violence

Under the relevant legalisation, various Orders can be made to protect either party.

A Protection Order orders the Respondent not to use violence, molest or put fear in the applicant or any dependent person. Protection Orders only last until the hearing of the Barring/Safety Order proceedings.

A Barring Order directs the respondent to leave the residence where the applicant lives. This Order may also prohibit the respondent from using or threatening violence against the applicant or dependent child/children.

A Safety Order does not remove the respondent from the home. Only five categories of applicants can apply for a Safety Order: Spouses, Cohabitants who have been living together for 6 out of 12 months, Parents of an adult child, Persons of full age residing in non-contractual relationships, the Health Board. Safety Orders can be in place for five years.

Legal Aid Board

We are members of the Legal Aid Board Private Practitioner Scheme and can represent clients who are eligible for legal aid in relation to family law matters within the District Court jurisdiction.

Information regarding qualifying for legal aid is available on the Citizens Information website and on the Legal Aid website.

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